Sunday 12 May 2024

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Welcome to Grade 5
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   Wishing all our Mother's a very Happy Mother's Day!!!
Camp is just around the corner, and I wonder how excited the students are??  We leave this coming Thursday (16th) and return on Friday (17th)

In Language Arts, we continue with our weekly Spelling lessons, comprehension and handwriting assignments.  I encourage my students to practice the words in their weekly spelling that they had trouble with during our Pre-test on Monday.  We continue on in our Communicating Skills workbook. The next poem that we looked at was an Alliteration Alphabet poem which has a phrase for each letter using the same beginning letter/sound.  Ex:  Apples are amazing
                             Bob built a bobsled

In Social Studies we began out look at Early European Colonization.  We discussed why some European countries would travel to what is now Canada.  To look for riches such as natural resources, spices, silks, etc...  Students also completed an atlas assignment using a map of natural resources found in Manitoba, and listing provinces/territories that had certain resources.

In Science we continue working in our unit, Properties of and Changes in Substances. Matter is defined as anything that has mass/weight and takes up space.  There are 3 states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas.  Students completed a booklet in regards to matter.  We also completed an Investigation where we looked at solids and liquids, and saw how their shape remains the same and their volume can be measured.  For a liquid though, it takes on the shape of the container it is in.

In Math, students will be writing their Place Value test this week.  We have been reviewing the many ways to write numbers.
 We continue to use Mad Minutes to practice our basic facts.  Increasing our problem solving strategies takes place year round.

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